An inspiring story of caregiving!

Lewy, Mom and Me: A Caregiver’s Story is a fascinating story of Peggy Bushy’s mother’s descent into Lewy body dementia, which although common is not well understood. We learn about the family’s early life growing up in a warm Italian community. Peggy leads us through the shocking changes that her mother gradually undergoes. Francesca becomes involved with her hallucinations — seeing people in her home that aren’t there and believing someone is out to kill her. Yet, amazingly, she continues living a somewhat normal life, traveling back and forth from New England to her winter home in Florida. For Peggy, one of the biggest challenges of Lewy body dementia was that within the course a day her mother could spiral from competent, kind and loving into insanity. I was gripped by this story of caregiving and felt so much admiration for the author and how she persevered in caring for her mother through incredibly difficult circumstances. An inspiring read!

Ann W. Campanella